Website Design for Nonprofit's

Our website features offer:

  • A powerful, intuitive site with responsive themes (the website automatically adjust to the correct size for mobile devices)
  • Each website will be unique so we can discuss your needs and requirements and develop the website to suit those
  • Flexible designs so they can respond to growth in your charity
  • Seamlessly integration with your social media profile
  • Full SEO optimization
  • Ability to embed you tube videos
  • Ability to accept donations (once off or recurring), issue PDF receipts and collect all data
  • Easy OF USE for Your staff to update or add content
  • Unlimited web support and training on request

Capture Attention

Keeping up with change means nonprofits are required to have a website. It is no longer a nice-to-have feature. It is vital. When finding out about a new service, product or non-profit organization, the first thing any potential customer is likely to do is jump online and have a look at what is available. In simple terms, the more engaging your website, the more likely you will be able to inspire people to donate, attend events, and support your organization.

However, just like social media, having a nice-looking website is no longer enough. A website needs to be organized to capture your visitors' information. Collecting email addresses from your target audience is crucial in order to nurture the potential supporter until they are ready to donate or contribute.

This nurturing process is a great way to build a relationship with your target audience. This means that when your potential supporter is ready to assist you, you will be in the front of their minds. Until they are ready, a website provides the perfect tool for people to share and spread your message.

Evoke Emotion

Your website provides more in-depth information and provides you with the opportunity to tell stories with pictures which enables you to win the hearts and minds of your followers. They can also be used to explain concepts such as how a small recurring monthly donation can lead to a large change in people’s lives. Once this message has been put across, your website then facilitates this payment with the customer immediately so they don’t have to leave your website and come back later.

We understand this can be complicated with understanding concepts such as how to capture the visitors' information and how do you nurture your potential donors. Well, don’t worry, we can work with you to create the unique solution and we will happily provide training wherever you request it. (By the way, the capturing details and nurturing leads is called a funnel, but we can discuss this in more detail later).

All our websites are developed on WordPress (just like 20% of all sites on the internet) so we can provide ongoing support, or if you would prefer, you can take over yourself.

Are your nonprofit website visitors engaged enough to return?

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These graphs show just how important it is to engage your target audience.