White Hat SEO for Nonprofit's

Making your website easier to find means more opportunities to inspire your visitors to make a donation and take action.

Our White Hat SEO Includes

All SEO starts with keyword research. There is no point ranking for keywords which your target users aren’t looking for. The object is to to find the keywords that turn searches into customers.

Let google know what your website is about.

Give google a clear picture of what your website is about so they know how to rank it.

Let google know what your pictures and images are about so they know how to categorize them

Show google that your content is useful to other people and therefore needs to be ranked.

The most important thing a website can do is provide value which its readers can use and share – Having readers share your website and provide a link to it is one of the most valuable things you can do.

Find what your competitors are up to, what key words they use and who is linking to them

Provide more information about what your website is about.

Show google you are a quality site and affiliate to authority sites

Google expects certain pages to be present on a good quality website.

How do internet users find websites?

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Traffic Source For Websites

How Does Google Decide?

Let’s cut out all the jargon and explain exactly what SEO is. There are over a billion websites on the internet and when anyone in the world types a search request into google, google needs to know which websites it must present to the user. As you can imagine this is no easy task as google has to search through more than a billion websites and present only the relative ones.

So how does google to this? They have an algorithm which looks to key bits of information on each website. When the user enters a search into google, the algorithm runs and if the key elements on your website match the search then google presents this website to the user.

Different Hats

SEO allows google to play ‘good cop’ and ensure customers find good quality websites which give them valuable content. Of course there are some people who try and “beat the algorithm” by using unethical strategies and this is called Black Hat SEO.

Even if you decide not to work with us, we strongly suggest you do not work with a digital marketer or SEO specialist who uses these tactics. These underhand tactics may working the short run by they do not last and when google finds out your website is penalized by Google.

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