Other Services

Complete Solution For Nonprofits

We offer a number of solutions that complement our core services. We understand you goal us to get more donations and engage your supporters and we want to make this happen. That is why we offer a full solution which includes everything you need to get those donations.

You may not need all the services and that is why we work with you to find out what your goals are and how we can either polish your existing digital presence or create a complete solution for you.

Newsletters/Monthly Blog

In an ideal world we would only receive emails that were of interest to us. The sad truth about monthly newsletters is that they take a lot of time to create and are not engaging supporters like they used to, but luckily there is a solution.

nonprofit newslettersMost people suffer from an overflowing email inbox and simply don’t have the time to read through a newsletter. In the non-profit industry newsletters are mostly read by the employees of the non-profit organization and not the target audience.

The solution? It is easy for a potential donor to just ignore a newsletter which has say five articles of which he has little interest. In this instance, a potential donation is lost. However, by sending targeted emails, the potentials donor time is saved and interest is gained.

By targeted email we mean segmenting your mail list into various groups. For example you could divide your email base into regular donors, one off donors, volunteers, potential supporters and people who have attended an event. Now instead of sending 1 monthly newsletter with five articles to all of these readers, you send one relevant article to each group.

By doing this it makes the newsletter more targeted and the readers only get information on what they are interested in.

We get it, this may sound complicated but that is why we are here. We will help you set this up and if you want, teach you how to do it. We will help you ensure that you are putting relevant content in front of your supporters and keeping them engaged.

Content is King

Our in-house copywriters can help or offer advice on all aspects such as newsletters, podcasts, social media posts, website updates, case studies and much more.

It is no longer sufficient to simply have an online presence. Websites, social media blogs, newsletters are not going to be found by potential supporters if they are just sitting their ideally. The key to engaging supports is regularly and consistently posting content across all your digital platforms. In addition to this the content has to be relevant to your target audience and unique.

By regularly posting unique and relevant content across ALL your digital platforms you will engage your customer.

We understand, this is time consuming and difficult to keep coming up with fresh ideas, but that is what we are for and that is why we only focus on the nonprofit sector. This way we can keep on top what is trending and stay relevant to your target audience.

fundraising ideas for charities

We can help create content for all your platforms or simply provide you with advice and ideas. We are happy to share our knowledge and provide you with information and strategies such as the 4-1-1 rule. This means that for every 6 posts on social media you should follow this breakdown:

4 shares of other content
1 original piece of content
1 sales pitch

Whatever level of support or content creation is required, we have got you covered.


We believe in the power of sharing knowledge. We understand that some of our customers are just too busy to handle their digital marketing and would like us to handle everything and that is fine.

But we also realize that certain organizations prefer to be more hands on or have an in house marketing team. In this instance we are happy to train you and your staff members on any aspects you would like to be involved in. We think it is a great idea to have regular webinars where we can provide training an updates.

non profit marketing plan

In fact there are certain aspects we encourage charities to take on board such as replying to their supports comments on social media. We think this is important and will go a long way to increasing your customer engagement.

Podcast Management

If you think your supporters just don’t have the time to read your newsletter there is another option, podcasts. Podcast are just sound recordings. We can help set this up and facilitate it so that you do all the talking and your supporters get to hear your voice.

Marketing for nonprofits

This is a great option as an add-on to your newsletter because if people don’t have time, they can just listen to your podcast. Even better is that when people regularly hear your voice and your stories they form a relationship and bond with you which increases their engage.

If you are stuck for ideas for your next podcast we can create the content for you and then you record and release it.