Services for Nonprofit's

Our digital marketing is about getting nonprofits more donations and greater engagement with the public.

In order to do this, we need to create a comprehensive strategy unique to your organization to make sure that whenever your target audience is online, they have access to your digital real-estate.

We have identified three key areas which we focus to enable us to put your organization in front of the right people. These key areas having a great website, ensuring the website is easy to find (via Search Engine Optimization) and then constantly being present and current via social media.

Having a website that is engaging and easy to find allows you to grow your brand and inspire your supporters to take action.

Being all over social media means you will always be in the front of your supporters' and potential new supporters' minds. This allows direct access to these groups for campaigns and can also be used to stir the emotions of your followers, compelling them to get involved.

Click on the below to find out how you can grow your donations and get your supporters to take action.

Online Research Channels

digital marketing for non profits

This graph shows the percentage of users who use the following avenues when looking for more information about a brand or product.