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Back to Cape Town

After spending 10 years traveling and working around the world, my wife and I had a child and decided to return home to South Africa. We have been involved with non-profits on four continents and have seen firsthand the great work nonprofits do, but also the many challenges they face. Throughout the world charities seemed to face a common problem, how to get more donations!

Once settling down as a family in Cape Town we realized that we were in a position where we could use our digital marketing skills to help nonprofits get more donations, no matter where in the world they are located. By increasing supporter engagement, we could help charities grow their brand and get their supporters to take action. As a result, we decided to offer my digital marketing services to non-profit organizations and fairangle.com was born.

We are a profitable business (unfortunately we also have bills to pay) but we do our best to keep costs down wherever possible.


Fair Angle Begins

We know that big corporations have huge budgets and spend plenty of money on digital marketing (mostly advertising) and we want to give charitable institutions a fair chance in the digital marketing world. We make sure we stay at the front of the digital marketing landscape and this enables us to take advantage of new angles, which can help nonprofits succeed by giving them a fair angle in the digital marketing environment.

We run a small operation and are proud of that. I’m at the helm and I’ve surrounded myself with experts in each field. I’ve partnered with a software engineer and as well as a copy writer who has read every book you can imagine and teaches English part time.

We are a small company and will remain a small company. This enables us to react swiftly to change and stay on top of digital trends without having corporate bureaucracy slow us down and add unnecessary costs. Being small allows us to speak directly to our customers and focus on their needs and requirements.

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